"Full replacement of conventionally fueled U.S. transit buses with natural gas buses could displace the equivalent of more than 600 million gallons of petroleum based fuels annually and result in substantial air quality benefits."

- U.S. Department of Energy, "Heavy-Duty Vehicle Emission Testing"

Natural gas is the cleanest burning, safest fossil fuel known to man.

Liquefied Natural Gas ("LNG") is simply natural gas that has been cooled until it enters its liquid state. By using LNG, total vehicular emissions are 20-30% lower than conventionally fueled vehicles. The following table shows the emission reductions that are attained by using a natural gas vehicle.

Emission Type % Emission Reduction
by using Natural Gas Vehicles
Volatile Organic Compounds 89%
Particulate Matter 90%
Carbon Monoxide 70-90%
Carbon Dioxide 20-30%
Sulfur Dioxide 99%
Nitrogen Oxide 75-95%

LNG is comprised of the same gas that millions of Americans use to cook their food, heat their homes, and power their generators. Over the past few decades, hundreds of thousands of natural gas powered vehicles have been built. When compared to their diesel or gasoline powered counterparts, natural gas vehicles are safer to operate. Unlike diesel fuel or gasoline, which if spilled will pool on the ground creating a dangerous fire hazard, LNG will quickly dissipate into the air, eliminating the risk of an explosion.

Despite the health and safety benefits of using LNG as a transportation fuel, New York State has prohibited its use, leaving New York as THE ONLY state to do so. Our mission is simple, to bring clean burning LNG to New York State for use as a transportation fuel.

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